The Technology Behind Aquaponics Food Manufacturing System

Hearing about aquaponic system the first time can be a bit confusing, if aquaponic gardening sound like a good idea for you, but you are still not sure of what this presupposes, here are a few things that will help you understand the system operation and requirements. Aquaponic systems are relatively new, it is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish in tanks or ponds), and hydroponic (organic agriculture using water and fertilizers), making this system such an efficient and effective way to grow vegetables and raising fish at the same time.

Aquaponic system relies on fish to grow plants. The fish have a very important task and they are providing the nutrients for the plants to feed of, this system creating a symbiotic environment. It is important to take a good care of the fish, that will assure balance in your system and healthy, happy plants. The maintenance for the fish tank in aquaponics is fairly simple because all you need to do is check the water conditions, like temperature, PH level, oxygen, and light. And of course feed the fish.

Taking care of the fish is fairly easy, and it will reword you with great results. The fish will excrete in the water, that will activate a vital bacteria, that bacteria will help transform the nitrate into nutrients, thus providing nourishing substances to benefit your plants. The plants will absorb the nutrients and clean the water, then the water will be re-circulate back to the holding tanks, the water now are clean and it is safe for the fish to use it again. The fish excrete is great nutrition source for the plants, your plants will thrive without the use of chemical or fertilizers.

As soon as the nourishing substances level in the water is high enough, you can start placing your plants. The plants in aquaponic system will grow on top of the water in growing beds, the growing beds float on top of the tank allowing the roots of the plants to touch the water. Separation between the fish and the roots of the plants is also important, it will prevent the fish from eating the roots of the plants. In more complex systems a pump can be installed and re-circulate the water; in this case water will be pumped out from the fish tank flowing to the growing beds.

Aquaponic gardening is easy and fun, installing the netting pots in the waist height will make the little maintenance left to do a walk in the park, all you need is in your arm reach! No more bending, and crouching when you are planting seeds. No crawling on your knees to remove weed and no digging, and handling dirt and soil. Aquaponic system requires little time and it will give you great results. It is suitable for people with all type of schedule and of any age. As long as you take good care of your fish and keep the system balanced, you will be amazed how your plants grow bigger and bigger and develop normally, eventually you will harvest organic vegetables for you and your family, great in taste and rich with vitamins.


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