How To Begin With A Functional Aquaponics Fish Program


Either plastic or glass container used to house fish in Aquaponics is called Aquaponics tank. Bathtub or plastic buckets are usually used as fish tanks in smaller systems. The appropriate and right tank for aquaponics is according to the size of the system. It is the first key to success because the survival of both fish and plants depend on each other. Fish excrete contain ammonia, that is an essential nutrient for the plants so, it is absorbed by the plants then water is cleansed for the fish. This is a life circle for both fish and plants within the system which is repeated periodically and regularly. If you grow fish in large numbers but plants in small, the fish will excrete ammonia in large quantity but the small amount of plants are insufficient to absorb ammonia from the water so, the water containing ammonia is toxic for the fish and can cause their death.

Fish is the basic component of the aquatic system which must be given preference. Their growth depends upon fresh, oxygenated water and feed. Fish tank size should be according to the gravel and other components size.

With the invention of aquaponics new farmers are emerging. They lack sufficient knowledge of aquaponics. So, before startiing your own aquaponics, the opinion of an aquaponics expert is essential and the necessary instructions provided by the experts are followed as directed because a successesful food production totally depends on how well you manage the system. For new farmers, ready-made kits are available to create small system in their backyards. These kits carry all the necessary components of the system according to their size.

A dirty tank is also a big risk to the life of the fish. Second hand containers are commonly available in pet shops. People purchase these tubs at cheaper price to use as fish tank for their aquaponic system. Keep in mind that the plastic containers which were used in the handling of chemicals like in pesticides or for any other drugs manufacturing purposes are harmful to fish life because these containers contain harmful chemicals on their internal surface which are slowly released into the water. Different kinds of diseases are spread due to these chemicals which may lead to death of the fish therefore, the clean and new container is recommended to be used for aquaponics.

Tanks with flat base are commonly used in small system but sludge rapidly appears on tank bottom which must be removed regularly because prevention is better than cure. Sludge produces different toxins which are mixed in the tank water and if it is not removed the fish may die.

Tank cover is recommended to avoid pets and birds falling into the tank besides it is also necessary to save the fish from many other diseases. Fish does not require direct light from sun or any artificial light. They just need light to differentiate between day and night. Direct light absorbs many essential nutrients from the plants.

With these basic information about choosing a tank type you are on your way to aquaponics success.


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